Tips to keep mosquitoes away

Are mosquitoes ruining your camping, traveling, and outdoor fun? They can definitely put a damper on our summer vacation time outside. Let’s face it, summer is the time when most of us want to get out and be active. Our northern brothers and sisters are thrilled for the break from the snow. If you live down in the deep south you are most likely battling the heat and bugs right now.

You know how it is, you are sitting outside enjoying that light summer breeze, talking with friends, the kids are running around playing and like a horror movie those tiny little buggers start dive bombing you. No, I’m not talking about the kids. I’m talking about those little tiny flying biting machines that make you run inside and ruin the evening.

Well some of our camping friends have offered their home made or simple natural repellents to share with you. Now these suggestions may or may not work for you but if you try them we would love to hear back from you. Tell us about your favorite remedy for these pesky little creatures.


Garlic, basil, rosemary, lemon balm, lavender, mint, and sage. Place herb plants around your sitting area or campsite. Cook with the garlic and basil or add to your campfire. Rub garlic on your wrists and ankles. Put the herbs in a spray bottle with water and make a natural repellent spray. Put some sage leaves in your campfire. The mosquitoes hate the smell and stay away from the smoke. I’ve tried the sage and it seems to work fairly well.

Essential Oils

Use all of the same herbs but in essential oils and candle forms.


Citrus oils, rinds, candles, and homemade sprays will keep the pests away too. Put fresh citrus rinds in a spray bottle with vinegar and spray around campsite. The vinegar may be a bit strong smelling but it will also work as an ant repellent too. Take a lime, cut it in half, put cloves on the fruit, and place around your sitting area. Not only does it smell great but its decorative too.

Coffee Grounds

This is a new one for me and I’m a coffee lover so I cant wait to try this one. It’s really very simple and earth friendly. You simply take your used coffee grounds and put them in a bowl or container and place them around your campsite or porch. Sprinkle the grounds all around your campsite. You can also add some citronella candles in the middle of the grounds for a fantastic smelling candle holder.


Spray mint mouthwash around your campsite and your tent. The mint in the mouthwash is a great repellent.

Homemade repellent bracelet

Make your own repellent bracelets with a simple fun bracelet craft kit but then rub them with the herbs or mint spray.

Screens and Netting

Pop up a mosquito screen tent or put up screens around your porch. You can get the screen rooms or tents in nearly any online, department, or hardware store these days. You can also get the screen fabric from a fabric store by the yard. Be sure to get screens that are fine enough for no- see-ums too. Especially in the south.

Dryer Sheets

Place dryer sheets in your pockets, clothes, and around your site.

Now all of these may be great ideas for keeping away mosquitoes however some of these items will also attract other larger four legged critters as well so you will need to use your best judgment when putting these items around your site. If you are in a prevalent bear area please be sure to be bear aware and research and know which of these items can attract them to your area and use wisely.

Also be sure to check for any allergies before applying to your clothes or skin or burning in the campfire. Research further for your best options and use accordingly.

Thank you to our fellow campers parkhopper, intentsavist, and trailspot for your tips and tricks.

We want to hear from you. Tell us your worst bug stories and best repellents.

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