Tipsy Tuesday The Greasy Side

What do you do with your bacon grease when camping? Let’s face it , we love the smell of a campfire and bacon cooking at camp in the morning. But what do you do with the grease that’s left behind ? How about all those other oils or drippings? Some folks suggest digging a hole and burying it but that can still attract bears and other animals so that might not be the best option especially in bear country. In fact some state and national parks have rules posted against doing that. Many new campers don’t realize or know what to do.

Here are my Top 5 Tips for using or disposing of bacon grease when camping.

1. Use a small bit of left over bacon grease in mushroons, onions, greens, or veggie foil packets.

2. Get a heat safe tin and strain the grease into the tin to cool and save for cooking with when you get home.

3. Don’t forget the meat drippings. Separate the grease and the drippings and freeze those drippings to use in gravy or soups at home.

4. Use the grease when cooking other foods or baking your biscuits and bread. Oooh how about keto cheesy bacon drop biscuits? Another camper said to try just a bit in your potato salad.

5. Take tin foil and make a little bowl and pour the grease into the foil bowl. Let it cool and fold the foil up and toss it in the garbage to dispose of later.

These are just a few camping tips and hacks for Tipsy Tuesday.

Remember to stay bear safe and store your food and garbage properly to keep you, your camp, and the bears safe.

Get out there and get camping!

Live a blessed life my friends.


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